University of Pittsburgh

Technology Leadership Initiative

Providing high school students opportunities, tools, and motivation to excel in Computer Science.


TLI is an opportunity for you to get a head start on your career in computers and technology. Do you want to learn how to design web sites? Want to learn how to program a robot? Want to learn how to build a computer? Then TLI is for you!

You will spend three weeks (1 week if you are a Tech Diva) at the University of Pittsburgh taking classes in Computer programming, web design big data, mobile applicationss, and operating systems. In addition to the classes, you will interact with college students, professors and Information Technology professionals. In previous years guest speakers included Dr. Rebecca Hwa who introduced us to Artificial Intelligence, as well as Microsoft and Compunetix.

If you are interested in computers and technology, it is a competitive world, so it's time to take the steps to set yourself apart!

Application deadlines for programs are June 8th. Students should apply early!

Mackenzie Ball

Technology Leadership Initiative
Department of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh

5815 Sennott Square
210 S. Bouquet St.
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T: 412-624-8422