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Technology Leadership Initiative

Providing high school students opportunities, tools, and motivation to excel in Computer Science.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate in TLI?

There is no tuition for either camp this year though donations to the department are encouraged.

When will I know if I am accepted?

Notification emails will be sent on 5 to 10 days after a completed application is received.

After I submit my application online what is the next step?

Additional materials (transcript, recommendations, essay, etc.) must be mailed in one package and received by the application deadline.

How are students selected to participate in TLI?

We typically have 30 to 40 students participate in our program. Returning students have first priority. We consider all students who meet our eligibility criteria, show academic achievement and demonstrate potential to contribute to and be successful in our program. We consider our program need-based - for students who do not have access to computer science curriculum and opportunities at their home high school. We encourage students who have a computer science curriculum to explore these opportunities at their high school.

Do I need any prior computing experience?

NO. Most of our students do not have advanced knowledge in computer science.

Is there transportation available for students?

Students will be responsible for transportation to and from the University of Pittsburgh

Is this program open to out-of-town students?

Priority is given to students attending high schools in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Students who live outside of Pittsburgh can apply to the program. If accepted, the student and their family are responsibly for housing, transportation and all other expenses. We are not a residential program and do not have the resources to accommodate the needs of non-local students.

What is the attendance policy?

Students are expected to attend every day. Students are working on team projects throughout the summer and it is imperative that every member of the team equally contributes. To successfully complete the program, the student must not miss more than two days for the High School Academy or one day for the Tech Divaz Workshop. Absences must be submitted in writing by a parent or guardian at least 2 days in advance. Family vacations or other activities should be planned around the time the child is attending a TLI program.

Who are the teaching staff?

The curriculum is developed by and taught by outstanding faculty members and graduate, as well as undergraduate, students who are carefully chosen by their academic achievment and excellence in teaching and research. Our teachers are able to relate to high school students and create an environment that is conducive to learning.


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